Offset Your Carbon Producing Activities with BidetCredits

What Is a DinDoo?

Simply put, DinDoo’s empower toilet paper users with a weapon that helps the planet fight back in the war against carbon. The best way to describe how the DinDoo works is to take a look at what we call the DinDoo cycle…


A DinDoo advances equity and helps foster a more just society by providing a low-cost bidet option that works just as well as expensive retrofited units.


DinDoo’s help protect the environment and preserve resources by empowering people to transition away from toilet paper.

For The Love of Trees

Thanks to people like you who are committed to championing change, trees can stay trees and continue to facilitate atmospheric decarbonation for years to come.

What Does a DinDoo Look Like?

A DinDoo is a simple plastic bottle with a retractable nozzle:

What Does a DinDoo Do?

A DinDoo works flawlessly as a toilet paper alternative without releasing carbon into the atmosphere:

Why Is It Called a DinDoo?

Dindo is an official ongoing government authorized typhoon name. Dindo, being a common first name for many millennia, was adopted by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

Since 2004, the fourth typhoon of the year has been assigned the name Dindo. This occurs every 4 years. The most recent typhoon Dindo occurred in the summer of 2020 (Wikipedia). The next typhoon Dindo will occur this year (2024).

So, DinDoo is a play on the word Dindo. By separating “din” from “do” and adding an extra “o” for the suggestion of excrement (as in dog doo), the wording DinDoo is formed.

As such, the wordplay DinDoo  is used to convey symbolic meaning of a typhoon cleansing excrement.

    How Can A DinDoo Save the World?

    DinDoo’s facilitate atmospheric decarbonization by means of prevention. In other words, when people replace their toilet paper with DinDoo’s, atmospheric carbon that otherwise would have been emitted in toilet paper manufacturing, distribution, and waste is eliminated. As such, DinDoo’s “balance out” the impact of your other carbon producing activities.

    There is nothing more environmentally sustainable than a DinDoo. In fact, DinDoo’s are so important to the future of humanity that they inspired us to create BidetCredits – The world’s first carbon credits generated from toilet paper mitigation. 

    DIN DOO® is a registered trademark of Titan Industries USA LLC