Offset Your Carbon Producing Activities with BidetCredits

Please Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

We absolutely love talking about saving the environment. But we’re running out of time. We all need to wipe away the very visible stain that toilet paper has left on our planet. Toilet paper is an environmental travesty that must end. We have a responsibility to act now to guarantee a hopeful future for our children. Please join us in our effort to phase out toilet paper.

Stop Using Toilet Paper!

Its 2024. It’s time we put a stop to all this unnecessary waste. A simple handheld portable DinDoo does the job flawlessly without releasing carbon into the atmosphere. Distributing a free handheld bidet to every American should be the United States number one priority. Instead, the US continues to do nothing to address the fact that Americans are the greatest emitters of toilet paper/wipes carbon in the world. If we’re unable to do the most basic, and most cost effective atmospheric decarbonization solution, how will we ever be able to achieve net-zero carbon emissions?

Unsatisfied with these trends, we decided to do something about it. First, to encourage the transition from toilet paper to DinDoo’s, we introduced BidetCredits. BidetCredits are the world’s first carbon credits generated from toilet paper mitigation. Individuals and businesses are now able to purchase BidetCredits to offset the carbon their toilet paper, air travel, and general activities emit. Second, we introduced the No Skids Movement program to both deploy DinDoo’s free of charge to the homeless and raise awareness about the environmental benefits of switching to bidets. 

Our programs are effective because we get everyone physically involved in the critical effort to advance the United Nations sustainable development goals. We all have an urgent responsibility to act now to address the carbon crisis and minimize our impact on the planet. This is true for individuals as well as businesses. Let’s do this for our children’s future and future generations who will inherit what we leave behind. We invite you to join our No Skids Movement and benefit from BidetCredits today.

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