Offset Your Carbon Producing Activities with BidetCredits

What are BidetCredits?

BidetCredits are the world’s first carbon credits generated from toilet paper mitigation. Our BidetCredits program facilitates atmospheric decarbonization by means of prevention. When people replace their toilet paper with DinDoo’s, atmospheric carbon that otherwise would have been emitted in toilet paper manufacturing, distribution, and waste is eliminated. As such, BidetCredits are generated that “balance out” the impact of your carbon producing activities.

What Do We Do?

Your purchase makes it possible for us to…


Manufacture DinDoo’s and mail them free of charge to any non-bidet user in the US who request them through our signup page.


Conduct follow-up surveys to determine actual use.


Calculate and send out atmospheric decarbonization certificates.


Educate the public about the environmental benefits of switching to DinDoo’s.


Distribute DinDoo’s free of charge to the homeless via our No Skids Movement program.

What Do We Get?

Our atmospheric decarbonization certificate…


Every year we will send you our comprehensive atmospheric decarbonization certificate.


Each certificate states the number of pounds of carbon mitigated resulting from your BidetCredits purchase.


Depending on the responses from the bidet recipients' to our surveys, you could earn up to 57,340* lbs of BidetCredits for every $14.79 you spend.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission, funded by the sale of BidetCredits, is to provide every American with a free DinDoo to help encourage efficiency, reduce waste, and most importantly, facilitate atmospheric decarbonization.

If the U.S. wants to be a leader in the global effort to combat climate change, we need to get our sh*t together first. We need to Tighten Up!

Can a DinDoo save the world?

We say…


DIN DOO® is a registered trademark of Titan Industries USA LLC