Offset Your Carbon Producing Activities with BidetCredits

How Do BidetCredits Work

A BidetCredit is an electronic unit that represents the reduction of one ton (2204.6 lbs.) of harmful carbon dioxide equivalent (Co2e). The exact number of BidetCredits you will earn will vary based on the recipients’ responses to our surveys. Since this is the first year of our official program launch which began May 15, 2022, and since this is the world’s first program of its kind, we don’t currently have the data to accurately predict how many BidetCredits (pounds of carbon offset) you will earn. However, based on our testing over the past year, it would be reasonable to assume that you will earn at minimum 2300 lbs for every $14.79 you spend and 4600 lbs for every $29.58 you spend.

However, as with any program whose mission is to foster a voluntary change in behavior, there is a risk, albeit extremely low, of zero compliance. That is, in the unlikely event that all the bidet recipients express zero interest in giving up toilet paper, you will earn zero BidetCredits. Alternatively, if all the recipients state they plan to permanently give up toilet paper, you will earn 57,340* lbs for every $14.79 you spend and 114,680* lbs for every $29.58 you spend. So, while this program is not 100% risk free, there is a huge potential environmental reward.

*Based on US age of majority remaining average lifespan and combined average for all purchases in a twelve-month period.

BidetCredits VS Carbon Credits

When you purchase carbon credits from a standard broker, you are purchasing credits that have already been produced from third-party projects around the world. So, you not only know exactly how many lbs/tons of carbon offsets you will receive, you will also receive them immediately.

When you purchase BidetCredits from us, you are facilitating the means for a toilet paper user in the US to voluntarily become a bidet user. So, the exact number of pounds of carbon offsets you will receive won’t be known right away and will vary depending on the recipient’s responses to our surveys.

Therefore, if you need your offsets immediately, BidetCredits are not for you. Other than that, in terms of the voluntary carbon credit system, BidetCredits and carbon credits are exactly the same.

Our Methodology

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of our calculations. The methodology we use to quantify each BidetCredit is based on carbon data (CO2e, CH4, etc.) that we have collected and analyzed over the last six years. Please feel free to contact us directly, as we would welcome sharing our exact calculation methodology with any governmental regulatory agency.

Our calculations consider the average lifespan of both the bidet user and the typical tree consumed in the manufacturing of toilet paper. We would be remis if we ignored the amount of carbon trees would have continued to absorb if they lived undisturbed. We also consider the atmospheric carbon consequences of soil disruption, processing, packaging, and transport to and from the factory.

In addition, we account for both the aerobic carbon dioxide and anaerobic methane emitted as a byproduct during natural bacterial decomposition (sewage treatment plants, septic systems, effluent, and landfills) after all forms of toilet paper (tree, bamboo, wipes) are flushed. Please note that all our calculations are based on the infrastructure and toilet paper consumption of the average US resident.

BidetCredits Questions

Why should I purchase carbon credits from you rather than other carbon brokers?

Our carbon credits program is unlike any program in the world. Your BidetCredits purchase facilitates the most basic, fundamental, and personal change in behavior one can do. In other words, not only are you facilitating atmospheric decarbonization, but you are also encouraging reuse and therefore helping to inspire Americans to reduce waste. In addition, your purchase helps support our No Skids Movement program for the homeless.

Are the BidetCredits generated by your program tradable?

No. All the BidetCredits generated by our program are first recorded and then retired so they cannot be used more than one time. As such, only the purchaser of the BidetCredits can claim to have facilitated atmospheric decarbonization.

What if the recipient still uses toilet paper after trying the DinDoo?

In that case, BidetCredits are not generated. However, even if the DinDoo fails to convince the recipient to stop using toilet paper, they now have a backup in the event of a toilet paper shortage.

What if the recipient does not respond to your survey?

Then no BidetCredits are generated. Only verified bidet use is used to calculate total BidetCredits.

Are BidetCredits calculated on an individual basis or combined basis?

We calculate a combined average for all our subscribers BidetCredits purchases in a twelve-month period.

Why does it take so long for us to receive our atmospheric decarbonization certificates?

We need this time to acquire “use” data as DinDoo recipients respond to our surveys.

What name will appear on my atmospheric decarbonization certificate?

If you choose to enter a name in the company name box at checkout, then that name will automatically appear on your certificate. When no company name is entered, your first & last name will appear on your certificate.

Can we offset our toilet paper usage with BidetCredits?

Yes. You can purchase BidetCredits specifically designed to offset an individuals or business’s toilet paper, air travel, and general activities.

Still have questions about BidetCredits?

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